History: An Early Garza County Timeline

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July 31 C.W. Post purchased 47,749 acres from Slaughter Ranch
Sept. 4 C.W. Post purchased 27,175 acres from O.S. Ranch


March 23 Double U Co. chartered in Texas. Capital stock $50,000
May 19 Present site of Post City established
July 8 Garza County voters choose Post City for County Seat
Nov. 30 First meeting: Double U Co. Board of Acting Managers
Dec. 16 Town plat for Post City filed in Garza County
Dec. 50 houses were up, the Hotel under construction & a stone store building nearly completed.


Jan. 8 Work begins on new Post-Gail road
Jan. 16 Nine stonemasons work on Cafe, Hotel & Company Store
Feb. 10 Town managers request cemetery land from C.W. Post
Feb. 28 C.W. Post gives cemetery land East of Post City
June 4 Post decides to erect stone gate at town's East entrance
July 7 Drought hurts crops on Experimental Farm East of Post City
Aug. 3 Twenty five Plains farms reported in cultivation
Sept. 1 Excavation begins on 1st new Reservoir
Sept. 28 First week of hack service between Post City and Snyder via Fluvanna
Oct. 16 Engineers stake out lines for city water system
Dec. 26 Grand Cowboy Ball draws 52 couples


Feb. 6 First 52 trees planted in Post City - landscape project
Feb. 11 Courthouse Square laid out by Engineering Dept.
March 28 First domino party held at Hotel
April 1 Town's women organize sewing circle and literary society
May 5 County voters approve $15,000 school bond to purchase site & construct building.
May First National Bank of Post City was established
July 27 Post City citizens organize two volunteer fire companies
Aug. 6 First annual Community BBQ


Jan. 19 First test bales run on new $12,000 Cotton Gin
Feb. 17 RR delivering freight to Denicon's Camp, 15 miles NW of Post City
March 10 Baptist Church building begun by church members
May First preliminary experiments in rainmaking
Aug. 12 Six masked men assaulted UU Co. official
Aug. 17 Work started on 2nd Reservoir
Sept. 5 First Post City POST sold
Oct. 1 RR lays track from edge of Caprock to Post City
Dec. 8 Post City receiving freight in carload lots at new rail siding


Jan. 4 First Saddle Shop opens
Jan. 14 First passenger train reached Post City
Feb. 22 UU agrees to passenger car line connecting rail lines @ Post & Fluvanna
June 3 C.W. issues first details on rainmaking using kites and dynamite
June 23 Day long rainmaking attempt ends with no rain
June 30 Rainmaking battle ends with precipitation in the area
Aug. 27 75 residences, 25 businesses interested in telephones
Sept. 27 C.W. Post purchases mechanical cotton picker for 1912 crop
Oct. 29 C.W. Post begins buying cattle for ranch operation
Nov. 10 C.W. Post, Dr. A.R. Ponton to construct Post Sanitarium


Feb. 9 UU Company moves into new office building
Oct. 20 C.W. Post seeks 100 Herefords to pasture on Llano Ranch
Oct. 21 Llano Ranch named headquarters: C.W. Post cattle operation


March 13 Work slows, all but 9 carpenters laid off
April 7 UU Company to farm 1,100 acres of land this year, 250 acres of cotton
May Postex Cotton Mill opened for operation
July 12 Local merchants organize monthly Trade Days
Aug. 5 Post city bypassed on "Post to Plains" Hwy. (US 87)


Feb. 19 UU Co. survey land for colonization into 1/4 sections
March 18 First "Missionaries" sent across Texas to sell Post City farms
May 9 Charles William Post dies suddenly after successful surgery
July 20 First farm purchasers arrive on the Plains
Aug. 2 Committee investigates whether to organize Post City government
Aug. 24 Fifty six farms sold to date
Oct. 28 Construction okayed for $10,000; First Nat'l Bank building
Nov. 11 Civic leaders postpone vote for City organization, census; 932

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